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The Armed Professionals was founded by Brendan in early 2021. Brendan brings 12+ years of law enforcement experience to the industry. We at The Armed Professionals pride ourselves on bringing our clients the highest quality of protection services. Not only do we value our clients but we also value our employees. We desire to treat everyone who works with us as family and nothing less. We are a home for any prior law enforcement and veterans.

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The Armed Professionals believes in delivering only the best of services when it comes to our clients. Our agency hires only the best agents for services to our clients. During these troubling days in the country and the great state of Florida. Our agency understands and can relate to our clients when everyone wants to feel safe and protected.

Our clients want to have protection for their business, personal, and of course themselves and to have that peace of mind makes all the difference when it comes to hiring only the best to accomplish these specific tasks.

The Armed Professionals has years of experience in the field of protective services ranging from special event protection, vehicle and products protection escorting, hotels and motels, low income housing developments, adult entertainment sites, high value asset protection, personal protective services, among other fields of experience.

The Armed Professionals wants you as our client to always be satisfied with our protective services and to continue with a long lasting professional business relationship. Our agency statement to all of our clients will be to always provide the best services to each individual location, site, and personal protection.

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