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Careers With The Armed Professionals

The Armed Professionals is a home for prior law enforcement and military, which was also founded by law enforcement. 

The Armed Professionals is an agency that was founded from the experience and expertise of being in the law enforcement industry. We wanted to create a home for all men and women that served in protecting this country whether it was overseas or domestic. All agents are welcome at our agency whether in the service or not in service, we want you to be able to provide all of the skills and training that you received in the service and not waste away your talents and gifts. Our agents can still provide protective services while committing their duties and not feel rejected by society or their peers of prior service to whatever agency or branch they served. 

Our agency only provides the best when it comes to our clients. Our agency specializes in executive protection and high-value personal and asset protection. All agents will be constantly tested and trained to always provide the best while on shift and providing protective services to clients.

All agents are first placed into a background check on their service and then hand-picked by the founders before being placed in a unit or site. The selection process is very strict on which agents are selected and then hired for the agency. We pride ourselves on remaining family oriented to all the agents who are employed at our agency. Every agent is completely cared for when it comes to pay and time with their families. We want every agent to come to shift every day and never feel obligated or that it is a job, but for every agent to feel at home as if they were back in their unit or prior agency that they served.

We welcome all to join our agency and continue to provide the communities with all the training,  talents, and skills that you provided during service. The pay rate will be determined by training, experience, what service you were involved in, and site placement. Everyone that wants to start a satisfying journey with our agency must submit a resume to along with a current body photograph attached to the resume to start the selection process. If you can provide a body photograph while wearing your equipment that will be accepted as well. Please be patient once the resume is submitted and if selected to proceed with an interview, then you will be contacted. 

Thank you for choosing The Armed Professionals.

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